Juvenile Justice Publications 


TLPI is pleased to offer the following publications addressing law and policy issues on juvenile justice issues in Indian country.    

This Tribal Legal Code Resource  is designed to assist Native nations in drafting or revising their juvenile statutes as part of the development or reform of their juvenile justice system. Topics covered range from criminal offenses, to nondelinquency proceedings to integrating culture and tradition. (2015)

Co-Authored Publications: 

American Indian/Alaska Native Youth & Status Offense Disparities looks at the disparities faced in the state system by American Indian and Alaska Native youth who are charged with status offenses, the ability of both state and tribal systems to respond to status offenses, and federal funding. TLPI drafted this brief in partnership with the Coalition for Juvenile Justice. (2015)

The Attorney General’s Advisory Committee report details the fifty-six policy recommendations of the Attorney General’s Task Force on American Indian and Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence. The report provides their vision of the development of effective, culturally appropriate programs to protect AI/AN children. TLPI served as the technical assistance provider. (2014)