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A Native American operated non-profit:
Dedicated to providing free publication resources, comprehensive training, and technical assistance for Native nations and tribal justice systems in pursuit of our vision to empower Native communities to create and control their own institutions for the benefit of all community members, now, and for future generations.

VAWA 2022 Tribal Provisions Resource 

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute has developed several resources around the VAWA 2022 tribal provisions. The VAWA 2022 tribal provisions webpage houses links to the bill and tribal provisions, overviews of the bill and tribal provisions, webinars discussing an overview of the tribal provisions and the covered crimes, and other resources.

Oklahoma v. Castro Huerta Resources

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute has collected various resources on the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta. The webpage housed on the Walking on Common Ground site includes an overview of the case, links to webinar recordings, articles, and other relevant recourses.


Formalizing Healing to Wellness Courts in Tribal Law

Formalizing Healing to Wellness Courts in Tribal Law

Formalizing Healing to Wellness Courts in Tribal Law (2022) tracks the ways in which Tribes have drafted Wellness Courts into tribal law. Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts are restorative justice components of the Tribal Court. To the extent they operate a docket, adjudicate cases, and most critically, heal and restore members and the community, some Tribes have noted their existence in the Tribal code. Because each Tribe is structurally and culturally unique, there is no one correct way to...

Victim Rights Codes

Victim Rights Codes

Tribal Legal Code Resource: Victim’s Rights, Condensed Guide for Drafting Tribal Victim’s Rights Codes is designed to assist tribal governments with the development of victim right’s codes. This resource was written with the belief that tribal governments have the ability to draft victim right’s laws centered on their tribal beliefs that convey compassion for those harmed by crime and the importance of protecting the rights of victims, and to prevent revictimization.

Victim Adv: Pocket Guide

Victim Adv: Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide: Tribal Victim Advocacy in Criminal Cases is designed particularly for community-based advocates as a quick reference guide to better assist victims as they navigate the criminal legal process. This Pocket Guide contains things such as a quick review of the general criminal legal process and victim rights with an emphasis on safety planning at every juncture. While this Pocket Guide is designed primarily for community-based advocates, it may be useful for other professionals who...

New JJ Code Resource

New JJ Code Resource

The Tribal Legal Code Resource: Guide for Drafting or Revising Tribal Juvenile Delinquency and Status Offense Laws (2022 Update) is designed to assist tribal governments with creating, re-evaluating, and strengthening their juvenile codes. This resource was written and updated with the belief that tribal governments are increasingly reassuming responsibility for their youth and are determined to ensure Native youth benefit from responsible guidance...

Tribal Law and Policy Institute Websites:

Tribal Court Clearinghouse

The Tribal Court Clearinghouse is a comprehensive website established in June 1997 to serve as a resource for American Indian and Alaska Native Nations, American Indian and Alaska Native people, tribal justice systems, victims services providers, tribal service providers, and others involved in the improvement of justice in Indian country. It is one of the most comprehensive websites on tribal justice system issues, and includes a wealth of tribal, state, and federal resources. The Clearinghouse website contains extensive resources on tribal, state, and federal law along with extensive Indian country subject-matter resources, a training events calendar, and resources from all TLPI webinars

Tribal Wellness Courts
Tribal-State Collaboration
Tribal Child Welfare Capacity Building

Healing to Wellness Courts includes publications, webinars, and numerous resources concerning Tribal Healing To Wellness Courts (tribal drug courts) and restorative justice in Indian country.

Walking On Common Ground promotes and facilitates tribal-state-federal collaborations. This website includes tribal-state agreements, promising strategies, and information on all federally recognized tribes and tribal courts.

The Child Welfare Capacity Building Center for Tribes provides assistance focused on the Indian Child Welfare Act, Tribal title IV-E programs, and continuous quality improvement and data systems.Be sure to visit the Center for Tribe's Tribal Child Welfare Information Exchange for the latest news and resources, including a tribal ICWA managers peer-to-peer network.

Strengthening Tribal Response to Violenc
Tribal Law Updates
Tribal Trafficking Resources

Tribal Law Updates provides news and announcements on current events affecting tribal justice systems. 

Tribal Sex Trafficking Resources was created for sexual assault and domestic violence tribal coalitions and contains information on sex trafficking in Indian country and a comprehensive victim services directory.

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The Tribal Youth Resource Center website was developed under a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. This website provides publications, resources and training information for Tribal youth prevention, intervention, and court-based programs.

The Enhancement Training is a tribal-
specific national training for tribal problem-solving courts. The

Enhancement Training features Wellness Court best practices and 
innovative strategies.

Tribal Protection Order

Tribal Protection Order Resources is designed to assist Native nations and those working in tribal justice systems with information on protection orders, including resources on the drafting and enforcement of tribal protection orders.  

OVC Indian Nations Conference

The Indian Nations Conference is the oldest and largest DOJ Indian conference to serve the unique needs of crime victims in Indian country. This website provides information on the upcoming conference and resource materials from past conferences. 

Tribal Child Welfare Resources

The National Child Welfare Resource Center for Tribes (NRC4Tribes) website was developed under a grant from the Children’s Bureau. While that grant period has ended --NRC4Tribes has been replaced by the CBC4Tribes--this website is remaining live to keep the Tribal Child Welfare Resources and information the NRC4Tribes has published throughout the years easily accessible.

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