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Projects and Services


The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) offers a wide range of exceptional training, technical assistance, and resource services. We strive to facilitate the sharing of resources so Native Nations and tribal justice systems have access to cost effective resources which can be adapted to meet the individual needs of their communities. Our mission is to enhance and strengthen tribal sovereignty and justice while honoring community values, protecting rights, and promoting well-being. Our vision is to empower Native communities to create and control their own institutions for the benefit/welfare of all community members now and for future generations


TLPI offers extensive free training and technical assistance with funding provided by the various bureaus of the U.S. Department of Justice, the Children's Bureau (in the Department of Health and Human Services), and other funding sources. Please see our Current Projects and Request Technical Assistance pages for more information on these programs and how you can request free TLPI training and technical assistance.


We also provide a wide range of training and technical service on a fee basis. Please visit our Current Projects and Past Projects pages for a sampling of TLPI's capabilities and our Fee for Service page to make further inquiries regarding our availability and fees.

TLPI provides a broad range of free training, technical assistance, and resources under a series of current projects. 

TLPI has provided training and technical assistance since 1996 – resources from TLPI’s many past project continue to be made freely available.

TLPI also provides custom training and technical assistance services on a variety of topics on a contractual basis.

TLPI provides free training and technical assistance under a series of specific federal grants.

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