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Fee For Service

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) strives to offer our training, technical assistance, and resource services to Native nations for free to the greatest extent feasible. When this is not possible, we provide the same exceptional quality at as low a cost as feasible, in order to continue to connect Native nations with the most innovative and promising practices for their justice systems. Please contact us for more information. All training and technical assistance services will be customized to the needs of your individual program or community.


TLPI offers training and technical assistance on a variety of different topics, as well as requested topics, suitable for small groups, large classroom settings, and online. Each service will be customized to your needs. Please visit our Current Projects and Past Projects pages for a sampling of our training and technical assistance capabilities. And, see below for a sampling of some of our more popular training and technical assistance offerings. 

TLPI consultant Joseph Flies-Away leading the annual Wellness Court Enhancement Training in Albuquerque. 

Strengthening Tribal Laws to Protect Native Women and Families
Indian Child Welfare Act:

Practical Applications

Incorporating Tradition Into Contemporary Responses to Violence Against Native Women

This course will provide specific strategies and resource tools for developing tribal law supporting victim safety and batterer accountability.

These courses are suitable for both tribal and state court systems seeking to expand their ability to comply with the Indian Child Welfare Act and Title IV-E. These courses include the recently updated BIA Guidelines, and the proposed BIA Regulations. 

"Listen to the Grandmothers” features Native elders speaking to the problem of violence against Native women. The video and accompanying course provide a historical overview of violence against Native women, traditional responses to such violence and an analysis on incorporating cultural traditions into contemporary responses to violence against Native women. 

The Essentials of Federal Indian Law
Public Law 280


Tribal Code Development

This course will provide participants with a brief introduction to the history and fundamental federal laws affecting Indian country. Topics can include civil and criminal jurisdiction, land, natural resources, and civil rights.

Over half of the tribes within the country exist under P.L. 280 jurisdiction. This course will provide an introduction into what P.L. 280 covers, judicial ramifications, and practical strategies for developing tribal justice systems within a P.L. 280 jurisdiction.

Tribal code development remains a crucial component of justice system competency. Services can include onsite training, and offsite technical assistance to aid in the drafting/re-drafting of tribal code, and can include utilizing our Legal Code Development publications series.

Fee for service questions? Please contact us for more information.

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