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The following tribal-specific COVID-19 resource website from the State of Washington was developed though Tribal-State Collaboration;

The American Indian Health Commission (AIHC) was created in 1994 by federally recognized tribes, Urban Indian health organizations, and other Indian organizations to provide a forum for addressing tribal-state health issues. The Commission’s mission is to improve the health of AI/AN people through tribal-state collaboration on health policies and programs that will help decrease disparities. The Commission works on behalf of the 29 federally-recognized Tribes and 2 Urban Indian Health Organizations in the State of Washington. Below are links to the major categories of extensive resources (including many helpful models) included on AIHC’s 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpages:


How Are States Responding to COVID-19?

Visit your state Health Department website for the latest coronavirus information, resources, and guidance.


Health and Safety


Money and Taxes




Scams and Fraud


Benefits and Grants




Voting and Elections








Federal Workforce

State Resources

Federal Resources

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