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At TLPI, we are proud to offer challenging and diverse internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Our internships are flexible and provide a number of benefits, interns can work on-site in our West Hollywood and Minnesota offices or can work remotely with our various satellite offices and staff members throughout the country. TLPI often works on the cutting edge of legal and policy issues in Indian country and our interns' work has an immediate real-world impact.


In addition, TLPI has an exceptional record of working with our interns in their efforts to secure school credit and outside funding to support their work with TLPI. Our team is committed to providing a flexible, challenging, and meaningful work experience that will expand your professional network and enhance the skills needed for academic and professional development.


Application Requirements:

Application Deadlines:

  • Spring: November 15th

  • Summer: March 15th

Please submit all application materials to interns[at] Before drafting a cover letter, we highly recommend browsing our website, particularly our Projects and Services page, in order to identify any project(s) that match your particular interests and strengths.


TLPI strives to have the hiring process complete within 6 weeks of the application deadline. Our hiring process involves two main phases:


   1. An internal application materials review

   2. An interview with prospective applicants


All applicants will be promptly notified of their application status at the end of each application phase.  As such, TLPI discourages emails or calls to check on the status of your application.



Our Interns:

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