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Public Law 280 Publications 


TLPI is pleased to offer the following publications addressing law and policy issues closely related to Public Law 280 (PL-280). Be sure to check out our Walking on Common Ground project for more information on Tribal-State collaborations, which are typically concentrated in PL-280 States.   


This Promising Strategies  publication highlights unique ways in which tribal and state jurisdictions have entered into collaborations to overcome barriers to effective justice provision in PL 280 jurisdictions. Their areas of interaction include government-to-government recognition, concurrent jurisdiction, cross-jurisdictional enforcement of domestic violence orders of protection, cross-deputization, and civil commitments. (2013)

This Final Report report details the August 15-16, 2007 focus group hosted by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women. The focus group discussed challenges to, and opportunities for collaboration between states and tribes in Public Law 280 jurisdiction to address sexual assault in Indian country. (2007)

Public Law 280: Issues and Concerns provides an overview of Public Law 280, a substantial transfer of jurisdiction from the federal government to the states in Indian country, and its impact on victims of crime. (2004)

Co-Authored Publications: 

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Und

This Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Under Public Law 280 final research report, funded by the National Institute of Justice, examines the perspectives of more than 350 Indian tribal members and State and local officials on the impact of Federal Public Law (PL) 280. Chapters topics include: Indian country law enforcement and courts under PL 280, funding for criminal justice systems on PL 280 reservations, tribal-state cooperative agreements and retrocession (2007).

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